FCST221067 Fiber Optic Hot Ribbon Stripper

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FCST221067 Fiber Optic Hot Ribbon Stripper
FCST221067 Fiber Optic Hot Ribbon Stripper

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Product Overview

FCST221067 Fiber Optic Hot Ribbon Stripper design small, lightweight, easy to use and reliable, longitudinal peel, peel force is small, the high quality of stripped fiber; blade durable and easy to replace, using linear bearing guide and thermal stripping to ensure no damage to the fiber, easy to strip coating, stripping speed and other characteristics. With the fixture using the strip dual core optical fiber.

Product Advantages

  • The blade is durable and easy to replace.
  • Suitable for stripping 2-12 core ribbon fiber, compact and light.
  • Easy to strip the coating layer, stripping efficiency and high quality.
  • Possess the function of stripping the whole strip and window stripping.
  • Compared with the previous model, the stripping force can be reduced by 80%.
  • Using linear bearing guidance and hot stripping methods to ensure no damage to the optical fiber.

Product Specifications

Construction Description
Coating Stripped Length Up to 30mm
Heating Mode Normal mode
Power saving mode
Dimension (mm) 118.5 (L) X 46 (D) X 31.5 (H)
Fiber Type Ribbon fiber
0.9 mm buffer fiber
Temperature Setting This machine is equipped with 70°C, 80°C, 90°C, and 100°C Fourth gear
Net Weight (g) 300
Power Supply Mode Using an adapter to convert DC12V power
Environmental Requirements Temperature 0-40°C temperature is below 85%

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